TPE, TPR, TPV elastomer granulation production line

Elastomer Mixing Modification -- SBS/SEBS Blending Modification
Thermoplastic elastomer (Thermoplastic Elastomer) is abbreviated as TPE in English. At present, the more common TPE material is SBS/SEBS modified material. TPE is a kind of rubber with high elasticity, but also has the characteristics of injection molding processing, with a wide range of hardness, superior processing performance, without vulcanization, can be recycled to reduce costs. Mainly used in all kinds of seals, automotive interior, plastic materials, all kinds of pipe fittings, wire and cable, etc.
SBS or SEBS blend modification according to different hardness requirements, adjust the ratio of SBS/SEBS, PP, filler, extender oil. PP provides rigidity, SBS/SEBS and an increase in extender oil can improve flexibility.
Equipment features:
1. Design of screw barrel with large length to diameter ratio. The large aspect ratio L/D = 48:1~52:1 provides a longer residence time, which is conducive to the completion of the resin and elastomer melting, filling oil and polymer homogenization mixing process.
2. High precision screw and barrel design. Screw and barrel clearance is small, high dimensional accuracy, and optimize the screw structure, effectively complete the mixing process of resin melting, filler dispersion and filling oil homogenization.
3. The pelletizing method is selected according to the melt characteristics. Different proportions of raw materials in the formula have great differences in melt characteristics. High hardness using water ring cutting, low viscosity easy adhesion formula using underwater cutting.