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Screen changer

Filter impurities in raw materials to ensure product quality and continuous production.


▍ Application condition

For plate, sheet, film, foaming, granulation, polymerization line, blending, sol, adhesive and other materials.


▍ Structural characteristics
1. Double plunger, double flow channel, double station, double net work at the same time;
2. The double nets are replaced alternately to ensure the normality of the production process; 3. The rigid sealing structure is adopted, which is safe and reliable without leakage;
4. Optimize the flow channel design, no dead angle, no stagnation;
5. Progressive introduction and exhaust structure, small pressure fluctuation during net change, continuous and stable product;
6. Removable orifice plate structure is convenient for material cleaning;
7, can realize automatic alarm, control, to ensure the safe and stable operation of the system


Technical parameters
1. Working temperature: 3350C;
2. Working pressure: three 50a;
3. Pressure difference: three 20Paj;
4. Applicable melt viscosity: 100~40000Pa.s;
5. Heating mode: electric heating/heating medium heating.

▍ Optional configuration
1. High corrosion condition-high corrosion resistant material scheme can be selected;
2. Movable installation trolley, integrated hydraulic station and control system, easy to site maintenance;
3. Optional automatic control system, integrated PLC,DMI control system, easy to operate;
4. Integrated melt gear pump, mixer, start-up valve, underwater pelletizing die and other parts of the connection and control, can provide a complete set of solutions.


▍ Screen changer specifications and parameters


Screen changer model type Applicable output(kg/h) Screen size(∅ ㎜) Screen size(cm²)


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