The annual production of 300000 tons of polypropylene underwater granulation unit has been shipped!

On November 8, 2023, three sets of large-scale underwater granulation units completed assembly and inspection at HONE Machinery Factory, and were loaded and shipped to the customer's project site.

The unit covers a complete set of equipment from pre mixing to granulation, including a twin-screw extruder with a screw diameter of 150mm, a motor power of 1250kW, and a total weight of 35 tons; The underwater cutting system is equipped with SXQ-500 underwater cutting machine and TS-5000 centrifugal dewatering machine. The output of a single unit can reach 8000kg/h.

This unit is mainly used to produce narrow distribution ultra-high molecular weight polypropylene. Compared with ordinary polypropylene materials, the product has better toughness, good tensile strength, high product transmittance, high reuse and recovery rate, and high thermal bonding strength. It can produce special materials for long fiber reinforced pre impregnated tapes (used in high-strength materials such as aviation, aerospace, and high-speed rail) High end polypropylene products such as polypropylene ultra-fine denier fiber materials (used as high-end special fabrics for special clothing such as aviation suits).

HONE large-scale underwater granulation units have been successfully implemented in multiple petrochemical projects. This project is another practice of HONE in the field of large-scale extrusion granulation. While creating value for customers, it also continuously breaks the situation where domestic large-scale granulation equipment relies on imports, setting an example for the development and exploration of domestic large-scale extrusion granulation equipment.