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LAB series experimental extruder

Compact and simple design, suitable for small batch production and various experimental research institutions


LAB series experimental extruders are specially prepared for scientific research institutes or factory laboratories. Of course, it can also be used for special small batch production. The modular design is convenient and flexible, and the required combination can be adjusted according to the processing task.

The design concept of LAB is plug and play, so the overall design concept makes the appearance of LAB series machine very compact, but the function application is full.


▍ Control system

Our control system can be controlled on-site or remotely. Our experts can diagnose your machine through the network module. From push-button panels to industrial computers, we can customize the control system according to your specific requirements and budget.



Applications for our laboratory-type twin-screw extruders include compounding, direct extrusion, devolatilization and reactive extrusion.

They can be used for continuous extrusion process of batch samples, new material research, new process development and small batch production.


▍ Specification parameters


Model Diameter (mm) Maximum speed (rpm) Aspect ratio L/D Motor (kW) Capacity (kg/hr)
Lab-20 22 300-600 32-72 4-7.5 2-10
Lab-25D 26 300-600 32-72 7.5-15 5-30
Lab-35D 35.6 300-600 32-72 7.5-30 30-70

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