EVA,POE Photovoltaic Film Material Underwater Pelletizing System




Typical photovoltaic modules are composed of solar cells, backsheets, photovoltaic glass, junction boxes, frames, packaging materials, etc. The packaging film material is located between the light glass and the solar cell, which can be bonded to the solar cell, the copper-tin soldering tape, the back plate and the light glass, etc., and is an important part of the light assembly. Ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA) encapsulant films in photovoltaic cells are thermosetting and adhesive films. EVA film has special advantages in adhesion, durability, optical properties, etc., so it is widely used in photovoltaic modules and various optical products.

The back plate is a single glass photovoltaic module with plastic and glass on the front. It mainly uses EVA packaging film. Because it is non-sticky at room temperature, it is melt bonded and cross-linked under certain conditions. It is completely transparent and can improve the glass after bonding with glass. The light transmittance of the glass plays a role in penetration.

Double-glass photovoltaic modules with glass on both sides, POE (ethylene-octylene copolymer) film is a commonly used packaging material on the market at present. Compared with EVA film, POE film has better safety and aging resistance. However, this material is 30% to 50% higher than EVA film.

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