According to the different configuration of the material to be cut oblique knife/straight knife, HONE exclusive research and development of alloy inlay, hardness and strength, can realize the cutter can be used continuously for 6 months.


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Die Head

The core components of the underwater pelletizer are precision machined, wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant. The internal structure is analyzed and designed by software such as FLUENT. The structure conforms to the melt flow characteristics, realizes the heat exchange efficiency and uniform contact between the fluid and the heating part, and ensures no dead corners and blockage in the production process. High-hardness alloy is made more durable. Various heating methods such as heat transfer oil, electric heating rod and electromagnetic heating are available.

Waterway Bypass

Process water temperature and water volume to achieve precise control, the whole process through PLC control


Precise temperature and pressure monitoring, through precise temperature control to ensure uniform and perfect grain cutting, through pressure monitoring to achieve process adjustment and ensure safe production.

Operation Screen

The use of Siemens production of * * type industrial operation screen, flexible and convenient control, high-definition display, anti-interference.